Need for career guidance

Students: Career decisions can be complex. Even more so for a student. You may be tempted to take a career path because it seems like most of your friends are taking. Or, you might be scoring well in mathematics so it seems logical that you take up engineering or commerce. What if your peers' interests or the subjects you are good at are not what you are truly passionate about? Professional career guidance, like the Lodestar program, can help you objectively decide the career that is the right fit for you.

Parents: Your child is at a crucial stage after class 10. Do you spend sleepless nights worrying that your child may not live up to their potential? Or, do you feel the tried-and-tested route of what everyone is take is the best your child, too? Your child needs a professional career guidance program the most at this stage. Don't let your child end up pursuing the wrong career path or fail in achieving their true potential.

Principals: A school is a student's second home. They spend much of their formative years in an academic environment. As a principal, you recognize that every child is unique in their own way and has the potential to succeed. For example, while some students may exhibit aptitude for academics, some may show potential in the field of arts. Aptitude in either areas can pave the way to success. For this, each student must identify the unique career path suited for them and prepare accordingly. With Lodestar, you can be the catalyst to help them discover their true potential.